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  • Overcome complexneurological disorders

    Improved quality of life

  • Asif Taqi, MD

    COO & Co founder of CIN

  • Martin Mortazavi, MD

    Neurosurgeon CEO & Founder

Our Physicians


  • Martin Mortazavi, MDMartin Mortazavi, MDNeurosurgeon CEO & Founder

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  • M Asif Taqi, MD M Asif Taqi, MDInterventional / Stroke Neurologist & Neuro-intensivist COO and Co-founder of CIN

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  • Ajeet Shodhi, MDAjeet Sodhi, MDInterventional / Stroke Neurologist & Neuro-Intensivist

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  • Radoslav Raychev, MDRadoslav Raychev, MDInterventional / Stroke Neurologist

  • Ian Armstrong, MDIan Armstrong, MDNeurosurgeon

  • Michael Dorsi, MDMichael Dorsi, MDNeurosurgeon

  • Jordan Amadio, MDJordan Amadio, MDNeurosurgeon

  • Farshad MalakMehr, MDFarshad MalakMehr, MDVascular & Cardiothoracic Surgeon

  • Salman A. Fard, MDSalman A. Fard, MDNeurosurgery Research Fellow

  • Sajid Surriya, MDSajid Surriya, MDNeurointervention & Stroke Research Fellow

  • Susan KachatryanSusan KachatryanPsychotherapist

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